Photography Policy

Access to and use of images in the University Art Collection for educational, research, and Museum marketing purposes by students, professors, scholars, the media, the general public, and Museum staff must be consistent with the long term preservation of the objects in its collections.

Thumbnail-sized images of copyrighted works are displayed under fair use, in accordance with guidelines recommended by the American Association of Art Museum Directors. If you wish to use copyrighted images for any purpose, you must seek permission from the copyright holder.

The Syracuse University Art Museum recognizes that artwork installed on campus (i.e. Art on Campus and Campus Loan Program) are photographed by the general public for personal use.  However, photography of those same materials for non-personal use is subject to state and federal copyright, privacy laws and regulations.

The Photography Policy seeks to establish guidelines and procedures to ensure that such photography:

  • Does not damage the objects in University care;
  • Does not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of visitors;
  • Complies with state and federal copyright, privacy laws and regulations.

To protect the objects being photographed, the copyright privileges of their creators, and the safety of other visitors, there are certain guidelines that must be followed when photographing at the Museum.

General Visitors

The Syracuse University Art Museum permits photography of the permanent collection for personal use only. If you are posting online, please tag us @SUArtMuseum in Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.

Special exhibitions on loan to the Syracuse University Art Museum may not be photographed or recorded.

Electronic flashes, selfie sticks or tripods may not be used in the Museum.

Speakers/performers and Contract/ University Staff Photographers (in consultation with the Museum staff) will determine whether flash will be allowed or prohibited during special events in the Museum

To help us preserve artwork that is installed in our Art on Campus program on the campus grounds, entering, climbing, or standing on any public sculpture is prohibited; do not climb, lean or sit on any artworks.  Do not place props or equipment on the sculptures.

Media Photography Policy

Members of the media may photograph or film within designated areas of Syracuse University Art Museum for the purpose of news coverage. All members of the media must make arrangements with the Syracuse University Art Museum (315-443-4097) prior to their arrival.

Reproduction Photography

Please submit all inquiries and requests regarding images for personal and study purposes, one-time reproductions (including books and other printed publications), location filming, and merchandise licensing via the Rights and Reproductions Request form.

For questions regarding the status of your request, or details concerning objects in the collection, please contact:

Laura Wellner
Shaffer Art Building
Syracuse, New York 13244
(315) 443-4097