Executive Director

Syracuse University seeks a visionary and dynamic museum professional to lead the Museum and oversee outstanding exhibitions, collections, research, visual arts education, and exceptional visitor experiences for the University community and Syracuse community at large.

The Executive Director provides comprehensive artistic vision, administration, leadership, and oversight of the Museum staff. The Executive Director works to secure the Museum’s position as an innovative leader among academic art museums; champions the importance of the visual arts, arts education, curatorial practice, and scholarship; ensures that the Museum connects with and is accessible to the local community; and oversees Museum collections, exhibitions operations, finances, and fundraising (in collaboration with the University). The Executive Director is the SU Art Museum’s public advocate and ambassador and is an active partner to the Advisory Board, the University community, and broader arts constituents locally, nationally, and internationally.

Given the Museum’s importance as an educational and cultural asset, the University’s leadership is poised to invest in and support the Executive Director’s bold strategic vision for the SU Art Museum. The Executive Director will redefine the role of an academic museum in the 21st century and reinforce its role as a destination on campus, in the city of Syracuse, and in the Central New York region as a place of welcome, stimulation, and contemplation for students, faculty, staff, and the citizens of Syracuse and beyond for years to come.

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Lee Kappelman:(202) 803-6674 or leek@moppenheim.com
Oscar Quiros:(415) 762-2643 or oscarq@moppenheim.com

2024-2025 Luise and Morton Kaish Fellows Program 


Department Description   

The Syracuse University Art Museum fulfills the University’s educational mission by promoting original research, creative thinking, and increased mindfulness within the University community and beyond. As an academic museum, it acquires and preserves works of art and uses its extensive collection to serve as a museum-laboratory for research, exploration and discussion. It aims to foster diverse and inclusive perspectives by uniting students and the local and global communities.    

Luise and Morton Kaish Fellowship 

The Luise and Morton Kaish Fellows program is a funded opportunity for an undergraduate Syracuse University student to undertake primary research and gain firsthand museum experience for one academic year at the Art Museum under the guidance of the Museum’s staff. The Kaish Fellow can come from any academic background and must be interested in working with the museum’s extensive collection to undertake interdisciplinary research.   

The Kaish Fellow will utilize works of art by Luise and Morton Kaish, as well as other works from the museum’s extensive permanent collection, to conduct research that may lead to a piece of scholarly writing or a creative project. The Kaish Fellow will work closely with the Museum’s staff and will be integrated into the intellectual life of the Museum.The Fellow may also have the opportunity to assist with the documentation, organization, and preservation of the collection. At the conclusion of the Fellowship, the Fellow will have an opportunity to showcase their research and/or creative project as part of a public program.  

The Kaish Fellow will receive a payment of $5,000, to be paid in two equal distributions, one in Fall 2024 and one in Spring 2025. 

The Kaish Fellow must be in residence on the main Syracuse University campus in Syracuse, NY for the duration of the fellowship. 

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