Faculty Resources

The Syracuse University Art Museum believes in the teaching potential of the museum and its collections. With around 45,000 objects, the museum houses artworks that apply to virtually every discipline and can be used to enhance student learning in any course.

At the museum, education through the visual arts is central to our mission. We strive to create new opportunities that make our exhibitions more meaningful to our students. We place an emphasis on object-based teaching and research. Object-based teaching is active, experiential, and student-centered. It asks students themselves to make observations and analyze evidence in real time, and, using those observations and analysis, to pose research questions and develop interpretations.

Objects challenge viewers to think deeply about materials and materiality, makers and users, connecting us with people, places, and experiences across space and time. Objects allow us to tell cross-cultural, complex, and under-told stories; provide diverse and inclusive perspectives on historical, political, scientific, and cultural phenomena; and reflect the actual diversity of world populations and lived experience. In addition, an object-based approach helps students to develop and hone observational skills; build vocabulary; bridge the divide between theory and practice; and increase empathy for people and experiences different from their own.

Please use the form on the Class  and Group Visit Requests page to schedule a visit or to find out more information about how we can engage your students or group with the exhibitions, programs, and collections at the museum.

To inquire about loans of collection material for exhibitions at univeristy art or cultural centers to be a part of a course or student led project, please reach out to the curatorial staff at least 4 months in advance with a loan request.

Please visit our Meet the Staff page for contact information.