Virtual Exhibitions

Days of Future Passed

Children in World Art History

Looking Back, Looking Forward

American Artists React to Twentieth-Century Modernism. Curated by Kate Hill and Tyler Marie Valera.

Being Human Part II

Portraits from the permanent collection, revisited for the Spring 2021 semester.

As They Were: Berenice Abbott’s Queer Parisian Portraiture, 1921-1929.

Curated by Mary Bedell, M.A. ’21

The Howling Infinite: Moby Dick, Art and Landscape.

Curated by David L. Prince

Mithila Art in the Time of Covid-19.

Curated and organized by Susan Wadley, Professor of Anthropology, Emerita.

Being Human: Portraits from the Permanent Collection

Portraiture throughout time and place, showing its role in reinforcing or critiquing power, exploring or crafting identity, and expressing the influence of one’s community