The Petty Dunn Center for Social Cartooning was established in 1978 at the Syracuse University Art Collection through an endowment from artists Mary Petty and Alan Dunn.  In addition to the financial gift the couple gave their personal collection of over 2500 original drawings, paintings and cartoons, as well as Alan Dunn’s archive of personal papers and sketchbooks. Through their work in The New Yorker magazine, the pair had a significant and lasting impact on the art of social commentary.  Dunn also published paintings and cartoons in the Saturday Evening Post and the Architectural Record.

The Petty Dunn Center organizes periodic exhibitions, publishes catalogs, and maintains a study gallery for the presentation of art from the collection. Over the years works by a variety of social cartoonists who published in The New Yorker, Saturday Evening Post, and other magazines have been added to the Center’s collection.   Students, faculty, and scholars are able to use the Center’s original resources by appointment.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Elizabeth Melczer for her donation to the Petty Dunn Center of over five hundred volumes on the subject of social cartooning.