Press Materials

Anni Albers Reviewed in Wall Street Journal

fine art with a white background and geometric triangle patterns in orange

On view August 25: Anni Albers

Interior image of a museum wiht artowrk on large tables in the front of the image, and three fmaile figures looking at the works of art

Museum Pilots Object-Based Teaching and Research Faculty Fellows Program

Color photo of a person's arm in a black shirt, and hand in a white glove holding open a sheet of paper being ripped in half

Steady/Retcon on view March 31

Kate Holohan Appointed as Curator of Education and Academic Outreach

Elizabeth Su '24 Annnouced as Luise and Morton Kaish Fellow

Portrait of a woman wiht long dark hair smiling with glasses, a blue blouse and a black blazer

Museum Announces New Curator

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